How I Now Set Goals

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It’s January now. A pretty common time to set some goals and that’s what I’m going to be doing in the coming weeks. I’ll be setting goals for my podcasts, myself, and for my business. 

In 2021 I had a realisation about my goal-setting processes. Accompanying that was a realisation that the self-awareness thing is not a finite process. 10 years in and I’m still making pretty regular realisations about myself and the way I operate. You’ll get to hear about quite a few of them if you’re a regular visitor. 

What I realised can be summed up by saying that goals without actions are useless. I realised that a lot of the focus of goal setting when I was working for someone else and they were in charge of the goal-setting process was to do with the outcomes or the achievements at the end of it all. It’s only now, that the goal-setting process is wholly my own, that I realised that I’ve been doing it all wrong. 

I’ve become great at setting achievements. “By the end of [time period] I will have [this thing].” or “I want to have [this many] of [these things].” 

Now I know that I need to add a little bit more to my goal setting. It’s the actions that are the important bit. It’s all well and good to know where I want to go but I now know that I need to spend some time working out the actions that are going to get me there. 

Then, once I know the actions that I need to take that’s my focus. So now, while I still set the achievement and the outcome, the focus of the year is spent on the actions required. 

One of the goals I’ll be setting for my business is to ‘get more customers’. A pretty common goal for most businesses I’d say and it’s obviously a worthwhile goal. But the true ‘goal’ of 2022 for me will be something more like ‘post daily on social media’. That’s just an idea, I haven’t written them out properly. 

While it might seem like small time thinking that my goal is to post a photo on Instagram, the idea is that it’s the actions that will take care of the goals. There’s no point focusing on ‘get more customers’ if I’m not doing the marketing things that are going to lead to an increase of awareness of my business. 

Putting the work into knowing the actions that are going to achieve the best results is where I now focus my goal setting. The actions will take care of the results. 

The other benefit of focusing on the smaller, day-by-day actions is that I get to tick something off as ‘achieved’ more regularly. While they’re only small things that are being ticked off the list, we all know that ticking something off the to do list gives us those good feelings, those feelings are what creates a sense of achievement and some momentum towards accomplishing the bigger goals. 

One thing I’m really big on small steps adding up and this process of goal setting and goal achievement really aligns with that. Doing one small thing regularly is manageable and much more achievable than aiming to tackle something huge. So that’s how my goal setting is going to work as well. The big goal is going to be there at the top of the page, but the daily actions are what’s going to make it happen. 


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