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What a month September was meant to be for cinematic releases in Australia. But, like everything in the last two years the September movie releases have been, well, stuffed basically, by Covid-19 and the restrictions that come along with it. If you’re a reader from basically any country other than Australia you can probably head to the cinema and see these films as scheduled. But here in Oz, we had to do a bit of guesswork. Several movies have been rescheduled and a number have been moved onto streaming services. 

Yet another Cinderella movie is set to be released this month on Amazon Prime, not Disney. Which makes sense. It was a fairy tale before it was a Disney ‘property’. Although this one, starring Camilla Cabello as the titular character, is a modern retelling it’s set in a ‘fairy tale’ time or world and hasn’t been modernised quite like Hilary Duff’s A Cinderella Story. It’s a ‘sassy’ retelling of the classic story with all new songs and a very modern cast alongside Cabello. Billy Porter as the fabulous godmother, Idina Menzel as the wicked stepmother, Minnie Driver as the Queen are just a few of the big names but, unfortunately, James Corden does pop up to put his unnecessary mark on yet another musical. The trailer hints at some tension as the Prince wants Cinderella to give up her dreams and marry her but she has the ambitions of a ‘modern woman’ and it appears as though there’s going to be a tough choice for the new Cinders. Trailer here.

On the 3rd of September, we’re looking forward to the release of Worth starring Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci, and Amy Ryan. Based on a true story Keaton plays a lawyer charged with the task of deciding compensation for the families of those who died in the September 11 attacks. While it’s obviously a heavier topic than Cinderella it’s an all-star cast. Keaton, Tucci, and Ryan are all Oscar-nominated actors, and the true story on which the movie is based is a captivating side-story from one of the darkest periods in recent times. It’s out on Netflix on September 3. We’ll be watching it on launch day and bring you a quick, spoiler-free ‘Reaction Review’ as soon as possible before our full review drops on the 7th. Trailer here.

Another Amazon Prime original Lee is particularly keen on is Kate, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Woody Harrelson and due on September 10. Winstead, who we loved in a very different role in Sky High, plays an assassin who is in a race to exact her revenge on those who poisoned her. There’s obviously much more to it than that but the trailer certainly looks like a good fun action movie. 

When we first started putting together the list of movies due for release this month it was clear that school holidays were coming up. Hotel Transylvania 4, My Little Pony, The Boss Baby, Paw Patrol, and James Wan’s Malignant were all due for release. OK, the last one may not be so kid-friendly, James Wan is the Aussie creator of the Saw franchise and Malignant is about sleep paralysis demons. But all of those, at this stage, are still up in the air as far as we can tell. There are reports of Hotel Transylvania getting an Amazon release, but those are unconfirmed by Sony or Amazon. 

One movie that’s more kid-friendly coming to Netflix on September 15 is Nightbooks. Krysten Ritter plays a witch in an apartment this time, we’re not sure if it’s apartment 23 though. Based on the book by JA White. The witch traps a boy in her apartment. He is armed with his scary stories which he uses to try and escape.

Another big one for Amazon that we’re really looking forward to is Everybody’s Talking About Jaime. Jamie New is 16, and, unlike most of his peers, he isn’t keen on a ‘real’ job but is looking at a career as a drag queen. While he has some great supportive people around him it’s still a tough road for a teen in a small town. We’re there for the ride and looking forward to its release on September 16. 

Zola, set for a 23rd September cinema release, is the story of two strippers whose trip to Florida takes a wild turn. Highly regarded at Sundance, the trailer paints a picture of something that’s a bit Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, with a Tarantino vibe. A high-paced wild ride where a whole lot of crazy shit happens.

In the same week, we’re expecting The Tragedy of Macbeth. Joel Cohen makes Macbeth. There’s not much more you need to know. Denzel Washington plays ‘Lord Macbeth’ and Frances McDormand (of course) plays ‘Lady Macbeth’. Nothing more really needs to be said other than it’s a Cohen version of Macbeth. 

When we were working to put this article and the podcast episode together it was difficult to get a handle on what to expect for September movie releases. As so many things are up in the air with Covid restrictions in Oz, we just wait and see to find out what will be in cinemas as expected, what will be delayed, and what will be moved onto a streaming platform. But our episodes will continue as normal. 

Worth is our first new release review with the ‘Reaction Review’ on the 3rd and full review on the 7th. 

Our cult movie for the month is Blues Brothers. Because we could see Respect, we had to pick another Aretha movie. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was released September 23 1969 so that’s our classic movie review for the month. There will of course be another trivia segment before we get into hopefully some proper cinematic scheduling in October. 

Our next Patreon exclusive episode will be a ranking of all of the James Bond actors in preparation for Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie No Time To Die, which was meant to be September 30 but is now scheduled for November. If you want to become a patron we’d love your support. 

The podcast episode for the September movie releases is live now, here


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  1. Looking forward to hearing your ranking of all the James Bond actors!


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