Can We Just Get Some New Stories?

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Lee had a rant ready to go for this week’s episode recording. He didn’t realise it would be relevant to everything we discussed in this episode. He was all set to rant about the fact that production companies are giving us so few new stories these days and that everything seems to be based on a true story, a remake of an old film, or another story on an existing property. As we got further and further into the episode he realised that his rant was perfect for this week. 

We covered off the fact that 2022 is bringing us no less than THREE Pinocchio releases this year. Netflix’s stop-motion-animated Henson Company/Guillermo Del Toro production is coming out in December. September 8th sees the release of the ‘live-action’ remake of Disney’s 1940’s Pinocchio starring Tom Hanks. And we recently saw Lionsgate release their own Pinocchio: A True Story. We discussed the details of each release in the podcast. 

Then Brett went on his rant about 2022 ‘reimagining’ of Queer As Folk. The story and the characters, in the early episode we’ve seen, seem to be quite different from both the original British QAF and the American version. If it’s going to be a different story then it really should have a different title. That was Brett’s main point. While Lee agreed, in principle, but when there’s so little other queer drama out there, and the originial series were both so iconic, it makes it hard to make something ‘new’ without then also being accused of copying QAF. It’s a tough position, and with the way film and TV are these days, with the huge amount of ‘reboots’ and ‘reimaginings’ happening, it’s not a surprise that they decided to use the existing property to make sure people watched the new series. 

Naming and copying aside, after the guys both watched the first couple of episodes, it is actually a series worth watching. It’s confronting in both its sex scenes and the tragic event of episode one, but it’s well made and we will continue to watch it, Brett just might ignore the titles each time. 

The other shows Lee had watched were SuperPumped on Paramount+ for our “Should I Bother?” segment (details in the episode) and Tokyo Vice, also on Paramount. They’re both based on true stories. So nothing new there. 

What Brett is looking forward to soon is the new A League of Their Own series. Another remake/reboot, but something that has the potential to be a great, fun series. 

Once we covered off these series Lee realised his rant had pretty much been covered. But he still highlighted the number of big films for release in 2022 that aren’t reboots, sequels or continuations of existing properties. He came up with Nope the new horror flick from Jordan Peele. While Lee isn’t so keen on the title it does look like it’s going to be a great film. A proper scary, end-of-world, alien-type, big-screen horror film. 

We covered a bit in this week’s episode, aside from ranting about reboots. Our usual segments are all there: What have we watched; What’s coming up; Is it worth it?; Don’t bother. Check out the full episode below.


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