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After a turbulent (alright, unprecedented) couple of years for the film industry, it seems that we’re heading back to a normal schedule of releases for movies into the cinema. The August movie releases sees some big titles back in cinemas. Here’s a bit about the big ones and the ones we’re the most excited about. 

The fifth of August sees the premiere of The Suicide Squad the sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad. The trailers we’ve seen don’t really give you much of an idea of the story. But really, if you’re a fan of sensational stories where things blow up then you’re probably going to see it anyway. The cast is strong, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinneman, Idris Elba, John Cena and Viola Davis, among others. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is a great portrayal of a fun, chaotic DC character. James Gunn has form as a comic book action movie director, most notably Guardians of the Galaxy, another misfit team of heroes saving the day. There’s a few stars aligning to take this up above the simple, though at times hard to engage with original film. 

Ever wondered what the Truman Show would be like if Ryan Reynolds played Truman and it was set in a video game? Well on the 12th of August you can find out in the movie Free Guy. Ryan Reynolds plays Ryan Reynolds trapped in a video game. Again, the trailer doesn’t tell us much, other than there’s action and comedy and Ryan Reynolds. But it looks like a fun ride for the cinema-goer. 

Here’s the big one we’ve waited on for a while now.  Respect is the biopic of the late, great Aretha Franklin, a project that’s been a long time coming and was originally scheduled for release in 2020 is due for an Australian release date of the 19th of August. Jennifer Hudson, the only real option for portraying the queen of soul, was approved by Aretha herself and so takes the role with the double-edged sword of not letting down the subject herself but also having the confidence of being the recommended choice. Aretha’s songs, Hudson’s voice. It’s a combination we can’t wait for. We’ll be seeing it in the cinema as soon as it’s released and getting our review out for everyone as soon as we can. 

The last of the big four for August is the sequel to Candyman, the 1992 psychological slasher/thriller. While it’s not a continuation of the original story it is a follow-up, set later with the main character (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Watchmen and The Get Down) is a grown-up version of a kid from the original, returned to the Chicago neighbourhood to investigate. The trailer looks good. A strong thrill as well as a gory slasher flick. 

It’s a big month for August movie releases as we get back on the right track as moviegoers. 

Into the digital realm now and one we couldn’t help noticing. On the 24th we get one of the most cleverly titled dinosaur movies, Jurassic Hunt. Clever in two ways, one is that it makes you almost think it might have Chris Pratt in it or Jeff Goldblum, secondly it’s pretty much as close as you can get to dropping the C-bomb in a film title. How many takes were ruined by someone running those two words a little closely together? It doesn’t have anything to do with the Jurassic franchise we know and love and, despite being made my Lionsgate, a reputable studio, has been described by as ‘Extra Dumb’ and that’s exactly what we expect. With some dinosaurs and action thrown in. It’s going straight to digital and DVD. 

Netflix, as always, is releasing some great originals this month. Lee, as a fan of any ‘action/…’ genre is keen for the action/thriller “Beckett” (13 August), starring David Washington (Tenet). Politics, murder and espionage. Looks great. 

One we’re less keen on is “He’s All That” (27 August). It seems a pretty vapid remake of She’s All That and unnecessary to make a male version of a female film in 2021. 

To get serious for a moment, “Pray Away” (Netflix, 3 August) is an expose produced by Ryan Murphy on the evangelical prayer circle that became the biggest ‘force’ in gay conversion therapy. “Val” on Amazon Prime video (6 August) is an interesting new way of a film doco. Using footage from Val Kilmer’s own camcorder we’re taken through the highs and lows of his career as well as his battle with throat cancer. 

If you’re a fan of Robin Williams and want to cry for 90 minutes, “Robin’s Wish” comes to Netflix on the 11th. A deep, emotional look into his final years and his battle with Lewy Body Dementia which led to his demise. 

There’s heaps to watch new and classic and here’s what Two Drink Cinema will be reviewing this month. To celebrate Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday we’re reviewing Rear Window as our classic film and in our first ‘cult classic’ review it had to be The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And so it is. 

Our full podcast episode discussing the August movie releases can be found here. We hope you enjoy it. Make sure you subscribe if you do.


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